05 5 / 2013

"To recap some of the qualities of the PayPal mafia: high-quality people, a common bond, an ethos of sharing and cooperation, concentrated in a region and industry. These make it rich in opportunity flow, and the same factors make any network and association worth your while."

07 1 / 2013


“On a scale of 1-10 of impatience, the best entrepreneurs are an 11.” - Tom Stemberg, Founder of Staples

Curiosity and impatience make for great founder traits, but they often pull in different directions.

Curiosity compels you to sit and study a problem, to voraciously consume every article…

16 11 / 2012

Filepicker.io: The “Few Months In” Checkup


You started a company!? High five, good work. It’s now been a few months, you’ve had a lot of late nights with your cofounders, and it’s starting to look like you are making something people want.

Here’s a heads up on some of the things you’ve probably ignored so far, but you should probably…

17 12 / 2011


Cindy Gallop’s best startup advice to women entrepreneurs pitching to VC’s, “Do whatever it takes, to not give a sh*t when you walk in the room.” Listen to her rationale for “The Power of Not Caring” [in dating, in life, and in business]. She speaks the TRUTH.

04 12 / 2011

"You can be so bad at so many things… and as long as you stay focused on how you’re providing value to your users and customers, and you have something that is unique and
valuable… you get through all that stuff."

Mark Zuckerberg (h/t Venture Hacks)

29 10 / 2011

The Founders Code - @jimgoetz of Sequoia Capital speaking at YCombinator Startup School 2011 

The Founders Code - @jimgoetz of Sequoia Capital speaking at YCombinator Startup School 2011